Plus MODE Notes 

Plus MODE Notes for iPhone, iPad

"What MODE is this job, now?!""What works for today?"

Simple but useful note app, inspired by bulletin notes and agile development.

Focus on "TODAY", easy to manage progression(MODE).

Prepare for the morning session, using it like a bullet-note or a personal task board!

Progress(MODE) Management

  • Handle 5 items of "Date", "MODE(means progression, 7 types)", "Categories(17 types)", "Title" and "Content" in one note.
  • By setting "MODE", capable for progress management.
  • With the "Carryover" function, you can register new duplicates after the next day.
  • One-shot MODE filter: Display only the notes of the specified MODE with one tap of the MODE icon at the bottom of the list screen.
  • Category filter: Tap the category icon at the bottom left of the list screen to display only the notes of the specified category.
  • Always displays the current day at startup, and you can return to today's display at any time.

Flexible notes list

  • Tap on "Titles only / All" slide , the list switches Titles-only display and Full-text display.
  • At the same time, switches Titles-only search and Full-text search.
  • Quick filter listing with One-shot MODE filters, Category filters.

Export functions

  • EXPORT to one simple text file from one note.
  • EXPORT to single CSV file or simple one or multiple text files from multiple notes.

Lock-function to prevent careless change.(Activates URL-link)

5-step font sizes.

22 screen-colors setting capability.


Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by using this software.

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