Plus MODE Notes+ for iPhone, iPad
Standard MODE Notes for iPhone, iPad

"What MODE is this job, now?!""What works for today?"

Simple but useful note app, inspired by bulletin notes and agile development.

Focus on "TODAY", easy to manage progression(MODE).

Selectable display orders, filters and Backup / import available.

Prepare for the morning session, using it like a bullet-note or a personal task board!

Plus Calc S.L.U.Y.S+ for iPhone, iPad
Standard Calc S.L.U.Y.S for iPhone, iPad

Simple, easy to use Calc App.

Calc progression display, and “Go back” the progression.

“Structured calc” in easy operation.

“Calc Unit”

2 consumption tax rates.

Input order calculation. Not Normal arithmetic order. Always operate on the calculation results up to immediately before.

Plus MagniZìfúer+ for iPhone, iPad
Standard MagniZìfúer for iPhone, iPad

Simple Kanji character magnifying app for iOS and iPad OS.

Copy & Paste whole sentence entry.

View scroll display of magnified characters

One-tap switch between various characters of Simplified, Traditional and Hong Kong Chinese font and Japanese character font. ( + version only )

Use “Read” to listen how to read. ( + version only )

Speech capability. ( + version only )

(This is not a translator application. Change display fonts only.)

Last updated: 2020-10-25 18:36:10 [UTC]